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MP Lecture: Subscription Services and Boom of “Kony Marketing”

Not really though.

(From March 22nd)

Our speaker this evening was  - an entertainment lawyer that has worked on major projects such as the Goosebumps television series, major motion picture such as Pocahontas and has produced over 675 episodes of television. I found this great quote from him online:

“Fear is a problem in our industry, it stifles creativity.  But it’s not the filmmakers’ fear that is most dangerous, it’s the gatekeepers’ fear,” says Levitan. “It is always a miracle from God when you get a green light for a project. It is always a lot of hard work.  That hasn’t changed and it isn’t related to the up or down cycles in the industry. These days it’s the financing of a project that borders on insanity.”

This quote is interesting because, although he did not say it during our class, it relates to my opinion on a presentation a couple weeks ago (you can check it out here) relating to Canadian funding.

Pianos, Radios and Televisions

Steve gave us his take on the history of media and the consumption of different kinds of media during the last hundred years. He spent time going over how it started with the (middle class and up) and moved to the radio, and the television and so forth. This was interesting for me because I had never stopped and considered what people consumed before the radio. I know that reading was often a group activity but I have not spent much time thinking about the piano. When looked at media consumption from this perspective, one sees that gathering around in the living room as a family and “doing nothing” is not something new. Whether consuming television or listening to someone play piano, families have been engaged in long-standing tradition of gathering around in a passive manner for entertainment.

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MP Lecture: Cycle of a Screen Writer In North America

3245498261 59be5f5f1d o MP Lecture: Cycle of a Screen Writer In North America(From January 26, 2012)

Today’s guest was  - Peter was one of the co-founders of Alliance Atlantis Communications (which was sold to CanWest and Goldman Sachs for $2.3 billion). His most notable achievement is launching the CSI franchise.

As an experienced professional in the television development process it was great to hear Peter take us through the cycle. As someone who did not study television in my undergrad, I have always been curious about development for the small screen, the competition, and the methods for selecting talented content creators.

Peter started out by telling us the discrepancy between the big studios and the independent market. Turns out, “the big ones” (Paramount, Viacom, Disney, Sony, Fox, NBC etc) hold a share of the market of about $35 billion. The “independents” sector holds about $5 billion.

Independent Studios & Reliance from “Big Studio” Support

He explained something interesting to us. Even though there are aspirations of making an independent production, indies are dependent upon being picked up or partnering with a big wig studio for any kind of international success. So any indie movie that has won an award or gotten somewhere, it needed this kind of partnership. As the industry currently stands, all independent film production wants/needs to go into the pipelines and feel the support of the bigger studios.

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