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Personal Branding: One Size Does Not Fit All

In the branding sphere, we have different identities. We have who we are as a professional, as a friend, family member, ex-girlfriend etc. It is important to remember that everyone has a unique brand and what works for one does not always or usually work for others…allow me to give an example…

Last week my program had a speaker come in to talk about online development and branding. Let’s call this woman “Blanche.” Blanche was hired to speak because she has developed a successful following in her community, namely social media character content creation. Put simply, she developed an online character that has a huge following in a Canadian city that rhymes with ShmanShmoover.

Anyways Blanche calls herself a “storyteller.” She connects with people online in order to specifically gain an emotional response. This is her professional brand. As someone who has worked in social media, I know this type of strategy would not work with leveraging say, a development company. People are not going to cry and grow with that sort of brand. But I could not help but notice that some of the audience at this session were eating up her words. Which brings me to my point: one size does not fit all.

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One of the biggest buzzwords among marketers, businessmen (and women), and communications professionals has to be “.” But what goes into an awesome brand? Clearly it’s not that easy or everyone would have a booming business – but where does one start?

The answer might be more obvious than we think: us. In recent years our consumer economy (especially over the Internet) has become almost completely driven by. We are used to being able to choose what we want and have many options, and guess what? We like it that way. Otherwise there wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of different options to .

Keeping that in mind, here are five steps for building an awesome brand.

These Mahiki bottles are beautiful. Mahiki, for those in the know, is a night club known for having

I love Twitter.

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This is the COOLEST thing I have seen in such a long time. Basically this guy gets a QR code tattooed on him and when you take a picture with your smart phone it takes you automatically to an animation of the tattoo! OMFGIZZLE! This is such a mix of self-expression and really extends art further than just body art. I know I am geeking right now, but this is awesome. 

First Ever Animated Tattoo – By K.A.R.L. (by )

I love this, because I can think of a famous designer who breaks each one of these rules helloyou